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Doringer Cold Saws, Inc
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With over 30 years experience in cold saws, DORINGER is a full service manufacturing company, handling everything from design thru fabrication, machining, assembly, and final quality control at our facilities in California.

GENUINE DORINGER Sawblades are manufactured of Super High Speed Steel, heat treated and hardened to 63-65 Rc....

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Cold Sawing is Faster
There is no faster, safer, or more economical way to cut steel, stainless steel, or aluminum than with a DORINGER cold saw. And every cut comes out square, with a smooth finish, and burr free. Imagine going directly from sawing to welding or assembling. No secondary deburring operation.

We guarantee your satisfaction with a DORINGER cold sawing machine and our complete after sales service. DORINGER... Building A Better Saw.

A cold saw uses a solid steel, resharpenable sawblade, a 1700 rpm motor and a direct drive worm shaft gear, reducing the sawblade speed to 54 rpm to produce maximum torque. That's right --- the sawblade turns at only 54 RPM, but cuts faster than a hot or band saw. Some of the reasons cold sawing is recognized as more efficient than the old-fashion methods of abrasive or band sawing:

  • Speed - 6" X 2" channel iron can be cut in under 8 seconds; 3 inch schedule 40 pipe in under 3 seconds.
  • Quality - Straight, accurate cuts (guaranteed .002"), no burr, no heat, no discoloration.
    • Safety - Sawblade turns at only 54 RPM. No heat, sparks, dust, very little noise.
  • Economical - The cold sawblade may be resharpened up to 50 times, reducing steel cutting costs by 90%.
    • Dependability - We have been manufacturing and selling cold saws since 1976. DORINGER cold saws are manufactured in the United States, 3 year warranty on gear box, 1 year on complete machine.